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  • creativity (re-post in a way)

    There are some interesting studies currently regarding creativity and how creativity is fostered, created, and otherwise comes to be.  Creativity and innovation are not synonymous.  I beleive that creativity often leads to innovation, but there are certainly creative people that are not innovators (and the inverse of that might be true; I am not sure).

    Almost everyone is in fact creative.  What leads to the lack of creativity is the fact that people constantly tell themselves that “they aren’t creative.”  They are effectively teaching themselves to not be creative.  The brain generally works on positive reinforcement and by constantly tricking your brain into thinking that you aren’t creative is what leads to the general lack of creativity in our society.

    Another big misconception is that creativity and artistic ability are interrelated.  This is simply a myth.  I know plenty of people that are highly creative in business, strategy, advertising  hospitality, but are not artistic in nature.    Don’t trick yourself into thinking that you aren’t creative because you aren’t artistic.

    The last point I want to make is centered around the quote by Pablo Picasso, “good artists copy, great artists steal.”  Building on what others have completed and making it better or improving it isn’t stealing.  This process is in fact the highest regarded form of creativity that leads to excellent innovation.

    Watch these excellent videos below (which I stole from Rand Fishkin’s blog post on creativity).

    Everything is a Remix Part 3 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

  • arts integration

    At AZDS we have had the good fortune of working with an amazing educational foundation out of Arizona for the past five or so years; Arts Integration Solutions (AiS).  The goal of AiS is to use the arts to teach the core subjects, which will inevitably propel students through schooling and advance both their critical thinking ability and their social livelihood.  The arts is one thing that can stabilize and equalize students, disregarding their personal backgrounds.  We are now working on creating an educational portal that will allow for educators to share socially online related to arts integration.  They will be able to share and collaborate on lesson planning, teaching strategies, and more.  I am very excited about the project and its potential to truly change the way educators communicate and collaborate with one another.

    In addition to using the arts to teach the core subjects, I strongly beleive that our current education system is broken and hinders both creativity and potential for innovative thought/entrepreneurship.

    Here is a great video from Sir Ken Robinson on the Subject: